Our restaurant kitchen in Brixton, Johannesburg offers unpretentious, flavourful and healthy breakfasts/brunches, lunches and snacks. We offer vegetarian and vegan options. We are inspired by global flavours and interpret them into simple, tasty, home-style meals. Come hungry!

For breakfast we offer classics, like scrambled eggs on toast and croissants. Our delicious signature dishes include our famous Dutch-inspired baked pancakes with bacon and roast tomatoes, Persian-inspired baked eggs, and the Mexican classic, huevos rancheros (sure to beat any hangover hunger!).  All-day breakfast options are available for those lazy weekend days (or when you just need some eggs!)

Restaurant breakfast Johannesburg
Meppel pancake with roast tomatoes, mushrooms and herb cream cheese

For lunch we have a range of “ultimate” sandwiches on our home-baked buttermilk and health breads, including a chicken and harissa, or haloumi and avo. Our hearty salads include our version of the Nice Niçoise and the Dense Green with bok Choi and broccoli.

Other favourites are our famous creamy chicken livers served with a home-baked bread, and Inkhukhu Couscous of grilled spicy chicken served with beans and corn on a bed of couscous topped with tomato relish & cucumber salsa.

We have a liquor license. Enjoy a Giraffe craft lager, glass of wine or cocktail with your yummy meal.